09/07 - For those wondering about the Vernon Drozd
    and the Texas Brass CD, it has been released but
    is not yet available online due to unforseen delays.  
    We apologize for this delay and we'll let you know as
    soon as it is available online. Check back very soon!

    08/24 - Tuesday, September 1 is the official release
    date for Vernon Drozd and the Texas Brass 40th
    Anniversary Edition.                         This long out of
    print album has been completely remastered by
    Rhythm Signal's Jason and features an all-star line
    up of legendary musicians.Check them out at our
    band page or and at myspace.com/vernondrozd

    04/03 - RSR would like to note the passing of
    Freddie Everett, an amazing musician who's career
    was ended early by ALS also know as Lou Gerhig's
    Disease.  All of us at RSR have been fortunate
    enough to see Freddie perform and our very own
    Steve Sosa had the privilege to perform on stage
    with him.  Our condolences go out to his friends and

    01/03 - For those of you who have been waiting,
    Steve Sosa-Day's End and Rhythm Signal-
    Unexpected Improv are now back in stock at most
    locations including CdBaby.   AND if you haven't
    noticed, RSR is starting off the new year with a fresh
    new look!  We hope you enjoy the changes.  

    12/21 - We are excited to announce that Stealth
    Ninja is now a part of the RSR roster!  To find out
    more about Stealth Ninja, go to our Bands page and
    to the Stealth Ninja Myspace page.
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